Bob Van Breda’s Giant Pencils in San Francisco

giant pencils

Unfortunately, I missed the opening and artist reception for Bob Van Breda‘s Pencil Me In! at San Francisco’s Electric Works. Luckily, the work is on display through June 24th. Here’s part of Van Breda’s Artist Statement about the Pencil Sculptures:

In a drawer, I found three old pencils.  I thought of them as metaphors of a culture past.  How simple a pencil is and how we have abandoned these practical tools with our laptop, iphone and Blackberry’s. I began to play with them and visualized how they would look standing in different configurations…Making Pencil Sculptures is one of my many mediums.  To date, I have made over 200 Pencil Sculptures.  During this process I began to wonder what these pencils would look like, oversized.  I dream of people walking under and around these supersized Pencil Sculptures as public art.

That’s funny because I dream of walking under and around supersized writing implements! Dreams can come true. I’m going to check this out and report back with photos of me looking smaller than a pencil, which I’m sure will be awesome for my ego.

giant pencils

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