The Oatmeal on Being a Content Creator

The Oatmeal on Content Creators

I heart The Oatmeal, for The Oatmeal speaks the truth.

The Oatmeal on Internet Writers

Oh, if I had a dime for every time I’ve had the exchange depicted in the comic above, why I bet I could blow out a CoinStar machine! (By the way, did you know I’m also in print?) But enough about me. The two comic panels above are ripped from my life, but really ripped from The Oatmeal web comic entitled “Some thoughts and musings about making things for the Web“. Read it, learn it, and laugh because what else can you do here.

Thanks for coming!

The Oatmeal came to talk to its largely un-and-underemployed fanbase in San Francisco this past year, and naturally I attended. Good times! Incidentally, if you felt for the ‘fictional’ protagonist in The Oatmeal’s Content Creator comic, click here to buy me a cup of coffee.

Big thanks to Jessica for sharing the link! She’s a content creator, too. Check out her toys and travels at

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