The Amazing Emporium Collection: Toy Art Circus at Strychnin Gallery

The Emporium

Apologies to San Francisco and Tokyo, but at this very moment, Berlin is the best city in the world for toy art. If you’re a collector in town for Selim Varol’s amazing ART & TOYS collection at the Me Collectors Room, you absolutely must check out The Emporium at Strychnin Gallery (also in Berlin).

Gilded Lillies

The Emporium is a concept toy art show featuring freaks, clowns, buskers, brawlers, showmen, con men and curios culled from the minds and made by the hands of Doktor ASeymour, and Skeleton Heart (Anthony Parker and Lisa Crawley).

Strychnin sets the stage:

Known as masters of character design and cherished for their affection for the dark and dodgy, the mysteriously appealing and the fantastically surreal, these artists will showcase works inspired by an old-fashioned emporium of carnivalesque amusement. All three (actually four) artists are well-known for their creepy but enchanting styles as well as storytelling characters and have been highly excited to put their ideas together to create an exclusive group show that will present an infamous environment of bizarre entertainment.

The Emporium opens on June 8th. Pre-sale and pricing information can be found here.

Doktor A

Using vinyl, epoxy, acrylic, styrene, rubber, lead, rubber-wood, cedar-wood, brass, paper,  glass, found objects, a vintage brass clock key and a lot of imagination, Doktor A created The Gilded Lillies, a three-piece band. I hope a collector is able to purchase the whole trio! It’s tough out there for a solo drummer…


To fill out the circus stadium, Seymour sculpted 25 misfits and hand-painted each one. The quirky characters are all one-offs, standing about 6.7 inches tall and encased in acrylic domes.

Skeleton Heart

Skeleton Heart brought some of the classic heavy-hitters of circus lore. There’s the clairvoyant, Zoltar; the Siamese sisters and the Wolfgirl. Checkout their blog for a whole bunch of great behind-the-scenes process photos here.

Skeleton Heart

Click through for lots fantastic pics and previews from The Emporium! And please send get Jeeves to pick me up in the private jet…

Click each thumbnail for a larger view. First row is by Doktor A, second and third rows are by Skeleton Heart, and the remaining rows are all by Seymour. Truly spectacular!

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