Superheroes in Bags as Giclee Prints

Simon Monk Secret Identity Giclee Prints

Remember these hyperrealistic paintings of superheroes in bags by English artist Simon Monk? The Secret Identity Paintings are now available as limited edition Secret Identity Giclee Prints. Each signed and numbered print is an edition of 100 pieces, and Monk is offering a discount for the purchase of all 5 prints. More info here.

Clark Kent © Simon Monk
Clark Kent © Simon Monk

Monk wrote this statement about the Secret Identity Paintings:

My recent paintings of objects in bags initially arose from an interest in scale and representation; despite being depicted exactly life size, the subjects themselves present a dislocation of scale characteristic of toys and models, ranging from enlarged insects to radically miniaturised dinosaurs. The paintings themselves are on a domestic scale; they represent illusory objects on a fictional wall and are designed to inhabit a real wall in a domestic environment.

With the availability of the prints, domestic superhero decor is now affordable! If only Monk illustrated kaiju, Mark Nagata, could open some of his Ultraman bags!

Mark Nagata's bagged Ultramans
From the massive collection of Mark Nagata