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Sucklord's Work of Art "Winning Collection"

A lot of people have been asking me if and where Sucklord‘s Work(s) of Art are for sale, and per our last SUCKtalk, neither The Sucklord nor I could have told you. But all that changes now: Bravo and have partnered up to exclusively sell Work of Art prints by show contestants.

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Since it’s not a deal with Mattel, the answer to all your questions is no: you can’t (yet) purchase Action Goddess action figures. However, you can spruce up your pad with a 111-inch wide and 49-inches tall Winning Collection triptych for $1,249.00. Before you ask, I have no idea if or how much The Sucklord gets paid on these if and when they sell.

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The three panels from The Sucklord’s Work of Art episode 3 masterpiece are also available individually as Work of Art prints in a couple sizes starting at $219. If two Benjamins seems like a lot to drop on something you haven’t really seen, Overstock has you covered. I just spent (probably too much) time playing around with various¬†garish framing options and stock living rooms that look nothing like mine because (I must admit) it was kind of a lot of fun. (I don’t get out much.)

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This one’s for the ladies, the fanatics and all the wannabe and future Suckadelic girls! At first I thought fine artists and Overstock seemed like odd bedfellows because “overstock” isn’t typically a word that I would choose to use in an attempt to sell “art”. But then again, this is, after all, pop art, and I’m reminded of the many prominent fashion designers who hock their wares at Target.

Get some “As Seen on TV” Suckadelic art with mad Bravo provenance at Overstock here. Special bonus link to a shout-out to SUCKtalk on one of my favorite blogs.