Kids Art for Women Undergoing Chemotherapy for Cancer

Bald Princess kids art

Xeni Jardin is a tech culture journalist and co-founder of BoingBoing. On December 1, 2011, she live-blogged her first mammogram, which returned a positive diagnosis of breast cancer. Today, she writes:

I’ve been blogging and tweeting about my experience in treatment for breast cancer, including what it’s like to go through chemotherapy. The chemo drugs I received made all my hair fall out (not all kinds do, but mine did). I’ve been going around “commando,” as people with cancer say—bald, no wigs, scarves or hats only when it’s too cold or sunny to go bare. You do whatever works for you to get through this. Going around bare-headed is what works for me.

Julie Zwillich just tweeted Jardin this drawing called “The Bald Princess” and made for Jardin by her four-year-old daughter. Jardin writes: “If you know a woman or girl receiving chemotherapy, maybe you’d like to share this with them, too. Good days always follow the bad.” I think kids art can show a really special perspective on serious/sad events–this is what led to EARTH MOVEMENT actually. Stay tuned for an announcement on that!