Frank Kozik’s Chairman Mao Bust, Made in the USA! USA! USA!

Clear Red Mao Bust by Frank Kozik x Veracious Vinyl

Remember LA-based vinyl toy manufacturers, Veracious Vinyl? (Seen last year at Comic-Con here.) They’re returning to SDCC with an edition of Frank Kozik‘s Mao bust in clear red patriotic, made-in-the-USA vinyl. The red 15-inch busts are limited to 25 pieces for $300 each, available through DKE’s booth #4728. Kozik will be signing at the DKE booth on Friday, July 13th at 3PM and Saturday, July 14th at 5PM. I asked him a few questions about making the bust in the USA! USA! USA!

JB: What was it like making this bust with Veracious Vinyl in the USA (as compared to other vinyl toys you’ve made in China and Japan)?
FK: No different…So far, it’s just a test pull. Fingers crossed they make ’em in time.

JB: Despite how things actually turned out with Mao’s “Great Leap Forward,” it was supposed to be about populism and self-reliance. Now that I’ve connected the dots between a bust of Chairman Mao and a vinyl toy made in the USA, please add your own thoughts and ideas…?
FK: China is the new USA circa 1945.

JB: There is much murmuring about vinyl manufacturing in the USA and how it could be great for the toy industry and our little niche. Is it viable? What do YOU think?
FK: Completely and totally. IF it actually gets cracking, theres plenty of customers.

JB: You were born in Spain and have traveled and lived abroad. What are your top five favorite things about living in the USA on this fine Fourth of July?
FK: 1. No one cares who my grandparents or parents were. 2. Free libraries everywhere. 3. It’s easy to start your own small business. No guilds; minimal government interference, unlike Europe. 4. 1960s Detroit cars. 5. Extremely stable economic, legal and social system.

JB: Will there be a green Mao bust made in the USA?
FK: Perhaps…

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