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Amazing Stories Inside Insane Asylum Suitcases

Written on by jeremy

When I’m doing an interview, I often ask my subjects what items they’d bring with them to live out the rest of their days on a far away island. Most of us won’t actually find ourselves in that situation—unlike the … Continue reading

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Jermaine Rogers Revisits Kurt Cobain via Sonic Youth and Ray Pettibon

Written on by jeremy

Today, we have a triple play. Read this post, and you’ll learn a little something about music history, art history and history history. This Friday, Jermaine Rogers will release a new art print, Rock-n-Roll Suicide (above), based on the iconic … Continue reading

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A Rare Look at the Graffiti Inside West Oakland’s 16th Street Train Station

Written on by jeremy

West Oakland’s 16th Street train station was designed by architect Jarvis Hunt, and it opened for business (101 years ago) in 1912. In its early days, the station made Oakland a major transportation hub. In later years, Hollywood actors came … Continue reading

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Welcome to the (Designer) Dollhouse

Written on by jeremy

In the solar system of designer toys, I’ve just become aware of a neighboring planet: modern dollhouses. The designer dollhouse planet is populated by meticulous, artsy, crafty collectors–just like the the fun folks on the designer vinyl toy planet! I … Continue reading

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History Lessons Through 80s Music

Written on by jeremy

People like to throw around the adage that we should learn from history or be doomed to have history repeat itself. That’s all fine in theory, but what if–through no fault of your own–you were born into Generation X? If … Continue reading

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