Literary Pets Trading Cards

Literary Pets by Chet PhillipsTexas-based illustrator Chet Phillips drew up three sets of animal-oriented trading cards based on turn-of-the-century cigarette cards. Each set of 20 cards imagines a world of famous authors or artists as dog and cat personalities complete with “its own informative biography that includes some of their famous works with humorous cat and dog flavored book titles”.

Literary Pets by Chet Phillips

I couldn’t help but notice that it seemed like Phillips was using cats for the female authors and dogs for the male authors. It bothered me for a second, and then I remembered the wisdom of Marjorie Pettibone (as played by January Jones) when it comes to proper ettiquete for greeting animals:

Address cats by their full name, but dogs AS “Mister” and then their dog name. Because everyone knows: cats are girls and dogs are boys.


Literary Pets by Chet Phillips

The sets come packaged in hand-crafted paper portfolios with library card styled enclosure and are available for just $10 a piece in Chet’s Etsy shop. Check out Literary Pets (series 1) and Literary Pets (series 2). There’s also: Artistic Pets.

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