Frank Kozik Potamus in Porcelain

Frank Kozik Potamus in porcelainFrance’s K.Olin Tribu classes up Frank Kozik‘s Smorkin’ Potamus by casting it in porcelain. I know this is some serious Frenglish here, but it’s a gem of a sentence:

This piece will enchant all those who know Frank Kozik and everyone who loves pretty objects.

I wish I’d written that.

Frank Kozik Potamus in porcelainThere’s both a black and a red Anarchy version available. Each color (or entire edition?) is limited to 250 pieces, with a special deal on 50 combined sets. The smorkin’ sculptures measure just under 6 inches and will run you just over $200 USD from here.

Frank Kozik Potamus in porcelainIt’s interesting that Frank went with the Potamus for this project (as opposed to the more iconic Labbit). For my part, I actually love the way this looks in porcelain (aesthetically), and I dig the idea of doing it (conceptually).  Next up: Salt and Pepper Potami. But really, Bunniguru.