AJ Fosik’s New Sculptures are SICK

AJ Fosik

I just stumbled upon these new sculptures by AJ Fosik on Flickr, and now I think I’m hypnotized. WOW. The “three-dimensional animalistic beings” made of wood, paint and found materials are part of Count Back From Nothing: a two-man exhibition with Bill McRight at Denver’s David B. Smith Gallery. From the press release:

Count Back From Nothing suggests a shared fierceness, edge and intensity that both McRight and AJ Fosik express
through sculpture. In this exhibition, McRight’s handcrafted shivs are being shown with AJ Fosik’s vibrant, three-dimensional creatures.

Hypnotic eyes pierce the viewer’s gaze and sharp teeth protrude from the mouths of Fosik’s creations that are embellished with a consistent rhythm of vibrant color and shape. Either constructed as freestanding forms or wall-mounted pieces, Fosik’s work references taxidermy practices and is evocative of American Folk Art. Similar to Bill McRight’s new body of work, Fosik’s alluring constructions are often inspired by subversive cultural influences that shift complacency and rely on the reappropriation of familiar symbols and images.

These pieces are really something else, and if you’re not near Denver, you should really check out the rest on AJ Fosik’s Flickr or see some of the installation views on the gallery’s website. The show runs through August 14th. Wish I could see these up close!

AJ Fosik