Keith Haring Puzzle Game for Kids

Keith Haring Puzzle Game

Is this seriously going to be the 2nd time I’m referencing the 1979 board game, Don’t Tip the Waiter in a single week? I played that Colorforms-published “action balancing game” with my sister as a kid, and unlike now, where I can’t stack a Jenga to save my life, I was pretty good at it. I wonder how I’d fare at this Keith Haring Stacking Game? The 18-piece vertical puzzle is made by the artisans of Vilac, a French company that’s been making cute and educational things out of wood since 1911. The age requirements indicate 3+, so you’d think I’d be in the clear…

Keith Haring Stacking Game

I’ve heard the Haring estate chooses its licensors carefully, and this puzzle looks like a smart choice. Because I’m not in the habit of blogging about kids’ toys, this brings to mind the cool, retro, wooden classic toys put out by Gary Taxali last year. In tandem with Uglydoll’s tin toys, you’ve got a pretty sweet trilogy of items that you artsy adults won’t mind your kids inevitably leaving around the house. The Keith Haring Stacking Game is available for ~$40 USD (including VAT) from Colette.