Pseudo Pharmaceuticals and Needlefelted Icons by Moxie

Needle-felted Pharmaceuticals

Looking for a rad, artsy way to make more of a statement with that XL artisanal pill box? Fill it with these sweet pseudo pharmaceuticals by Seattle-based needlefelter, Moxie! Needlefelting is a cathartic craft that involves using barbed needles to “sculpt” wool. It sometimes feels wonderfully zenlike and other times, it feels like you’re standing in a non-moving line at the DMV. I know this because I recently took a stab at it.

Hungry by Moxie

Moxie, on the other hand, has been needlefelting for years, and she makes amazing objects. She writes:

I’m fascinated by my past, and yours too. My work is an attempt to understand who we think we are as a result of where we’ve been, what we’ve been through, and what is lost. I’m confused and invigorated by manipulation, self-deception, stasis, damage, and memories. I’m invested in the possibilities created by slowness, and I love to make wool do impossible things.

Needlefelting is slow, and Moxie does make wool do impossible things.

Protection by Moxie

I love the inclusion of light in this little guy! Click through for a handful of my favorite mockjects (mock objects by Moxie–I just made that up), and keep up with Moxie through her Flickr feed and etsy shop. Fun!

Needlefelted Playmobile toy by Moxie

Needle-felted cassette tape by Moxie

Hungry by Moxie

Needlefelted matchstick by Moxie

Needlefelted matchsbook by Moxie

Needlefelted padlock by Moxie

Needlefelted cleaver by Moxie