Ferg Sees Squadt Gohsts at Comic-Con 2012

Ferg's Gohst Squadt

Ferg designed this SDCC-exclusive Squadt Gohst s003 in a green hoodie and black vest that I’d proudly wear myself, which means that one day, I, too can dress up for a glamour shot just like this. The 6-inch tall vinyl figure with ABS and cloth accessories is an edition of 125 figures, 75 of which will be available at Rotofugi’s booth #4736 during Comic-Con 2012 for $125 each. (Rotofugi will be releasing 25 figures per day from July 12th-14th. The additional 50 figures are reserved for members of the Collect and Destroy Forums.) The Squadt Gohst S003 includes a Playge hoodie, puffy vest, sAK-74, ‘pipe bomb’, 2.0 articulated arms, classic arms and a removable helmet.

Ferg's Young Gohst

After copping a Gohst Squadt, you can regress your way over to DKE’s booth #4728 to score a white Japanese vinyl Young Gohst. This is the first public release of the 3-inch subscription-only sofubi figure. DKE will have an edition of 50 Young Gohsts for $35 each. Ferg and Luke Rook will be hanging at the booth on Saturday, July 14th at 4PM. Go say hi.