Spaced-Out Mr. Bunny by Joe Ledbetter and Minty Fresh

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Spaced-Out Chaos Bunny by Joe Ledbetter

Joe Ledbetter‘s newest Chaos Bunny is a match made in marijuana for Mintyfresh, the Netherlands-based toy shop that’s releasing it tomorrow, January 5th. The third colorway of Ledbetter’s classic Mr. Bunny is the first one to come with an accessory. That “European cigarette” and the green vinyl toy’s release in Amsterdam play perfectly into the figure’s puff puff provenance.

Spaced-Out Chaos Bunny by Joe Ledbetter

The Spaced-Out Mr. Bunny is limited to an edition of only 100 pieces worldwide. It becomes available in-person at Amsterdam’s Outland store on Saturday, January 5th at 17:00 Amsterdam time. Simultaneously, a fraction of the 100 will be offered for sale at Mintyfresh online.

Spaced-Out Chaos Bunny by Joe Ledbetter

The Spaced-Out Mr. Bunny stands 10 inches tall and comes in rad packaging that lets you decide if you want your toy art to be wall art. Per Joe: “All the Chaos Bunnies come out of (and back inside) the blister packaging pretty easily without any damage to the packaging. It just snaps open and closed.” Joe Ledbetter’s Spaced-Out Mr. Bunny is priced at €134,95, which translates to just under $200 USD when you subtract tax and add shipping.

The Bunny and the Bong by Joe Ledbetter

These aren’t the first pot-smoking bunnies that have appeared on this site, and they’re not the first 420-friendly rabbits drawn by Ledbetter either. Joël of Mintyfresh writes how the guys have been “looking forward to this day for more than 6 months! After a long time, we finally convinced The Loyal Subjects & Joe Ledbetter to do a sick piece for our shop. We even convinced them to drop by during the release!” Ledbetter tweeted: “Any day you are leaving for Amsterdam is a good day.” Indeed. I bet the fellas are having a great time in Amsterdam right now. Come to think of it, Joe’s eyes did look a bit red during his Lava Bunny launch at DesignerCon!

Lava Bunny Chaos Bunny by Joe Ledbetter x Loyal Subjects

Lava Bunny Chaos Bunny by Joe Ledbetter x Loyal Subjects

Love this figure, and I hope to score one. Perhaps Spaced-Out Mr. Bunny will make an appearance in the next installment of my Top 10 Posts About Pot and Art.


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