Kidrobot London to Close at End of Month

Kidrobot London store closing

A royally sad day for European toy collectors and American anglophiles. Kidrobot has announced the closure of its London store:

Yes, unfortunately, it really is true: Our Earlham Street location in London is closing at the end of the month.  This was no easy decision: Kidrobot London is a fantastic store, with an incredible staff,  working with a talented network of artists and a passionate community of customers and collectors. We’ll miss the energy, the passion, and the creativity you’ve brought to our door over the last four years.  At the end of the day, our goal is to make our unique products available to our European customers in the most effective way possible, and in this case that is through a wide variety of outlets rather than through a few select KR stores in a small number of major cities.

It seems like just yesterday Kidrobot was announcing the opening of its London location, but I guess it’s actually been three years!

Kidrobot London opening

Per Kidrobot London’s Facebook page:

Currently there isn’t a definite date (yet). We will however, continue to trade as near to Sunday the 27th of January as possible. We’d love to keep going up until the end of the month, but we need a few days before the 31st to dismantle the store.

I hear Kidrobot London had a great crew of people, and I’m sad I never made it over to visit. The KR London shop is survived by Kidrobot locations in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas and Boulder Colorado.

Kidrobot London closing

Relive the magic of KR London in a recent video clip for 8bit Ego, in which my blog gets a little shout-out and it’s even pronounced correctly! (Thanks, Dan!) Best wishes to all of Kidrobot London’s staff.