Color Your Own Grody Shogun Monster

Grody Shogun Monsters

This is a rad idea, and it doesn’t surprise me that it comes from a man who spends his time in subterranean Tokyo inhaling vinyl & V-color vapors all day and night.

Create Your Own Monster

Luke Rook of Grody Shogun is offering made-to-order Monsters for New York Comic-Con:

Print out & color, (or finger paint, digitally enhance, or attach photographs of your favorite paint scheme, etc… you name it), and bring your coloring form along with $35 to booth #589 at NYCC, and Luke will hand paint his interpretation of your design just for you!  Crazy, right????  Choose a head, make several, design one for a friend.. the possibilities are endless!  No email responses will be accepted – this is an NYCC exclusive only!

When he posted this earlier today on Instagram, he added: “It only has one style but if you write on the side which parts you want I’ll make sure you get em.” [See a visual guide to possible parts here.] Rook must have been really tired because a guy who uses vocabulary like “ensorcelled” doesn’t miss the opportunity to drop a “marginalia“. Click HERE or on the coloring page graphic above to download the form, color in the lines and scribble in the margins of Grody Shogun Monster.

Grody Shogun Sherberts