Awesome Kathie Olivas Scavengers Collection

Awesome Kathie Olivas Scavengers CollectionTamara from Australia has a most-awesome collection of Kathie Olivas (and also Brandt Peters) toys and sculptures. I love seeing photos of collections like this. It must have been difficult getting so many of Kathie’s “Sharpie Scavengers,” too.

Awesome Kathie Olivas Scavengers CollectionHere’s your standard issue Series 1 & 2 Scavengers. This is really only the tip of Tamara’s collection, but I chose to present the mini-figures here because every once in a while I need a reminder on the value of little toys and how great they look together.

Awesome Kathie Olivas Scavengers CollectionThese are the rarer and alternate colorway Scavengers. In particular, the red and blue small Hazel figures were hard to come by. Tamara has several truly amazing customs and original sculptures in her collection, but these pictures are really about something else. There is an action implied in this type of collecting. It involves research and luck and trading and tracking and wheeling and dealing. Outsiders would look upon such “work” for a $15 SRP toy as being insane, but people like us? We know “insane” is merely a mistranslation for “job well done”.

Awesome Kathie Olivas Scavengers CollectionAlthough Tamara has a killer collection, it’s nice to see that she’s not too precious about it, and she still plays with her toys from time to time. Sweet. Ogle her stuff on Flickr.