New Bigfoot Fujisan Resin Premiering at Dragatomi

Spirits of the Mountain Bigfoot Fujisan

I haven’t been this excited to go up to Sacramento in ages! Dragatomi is presenting Spirits of the Mountain, a solo show of new works by the elusive Bigfoot. The show opens this Saturday, December 10th, and it includes Bigfoot’s new Dragatomi-produced, Brin Berliner-sculpted resin figure, Fujisan!

Bigfoot Fujisan x KISS

Bigfoot Fujisan picks up where STRANGEco left off with a trio of coveted Bigfoot vinyls in 2004. (Dragatomi is planning to release a a vinyl Fujisan in the summer of 2012.)  At Saturday’s show, there will be about 20 resin figures all hand-painted by Bigfoot, including the KISS-inspired ones shown above.

Blue Bigfoot Fujisan

Here is perhaps a hint at a tie-in with the brown and green STRANGEco Bigfoot colorways, plus an “ethereal” (that’s Bigfoot’s wording) blue version for Dragatomi. Spirits of the Mountain opens on Saturday, December 10th, 2011, and runs through Saturday January 7th, 2012. See you there!

Click through for a look back at the prototype and original unpainted Bigfoot Fujisan resin.

New prototype by BIGFOOT!

New prototype by BIGFOOT!

Bigfoot sculpt by Brin Berliner