Bigfoot’s Spirits of the Mountain at Dragatomi

Bigfoot -n- Dragatomi

If you’re a Northern California fan of street/skate art, you’re already likely to be acquainted with Bigfoot. But if you’re a forest-frolicker, a preservationist, a cryptozoographer or a myth buster, Dragatomi (online here) now has excellent paintings and sculptures just for you.

Bigfoot's Spirits of the Mountain at Dragatomi

The elusive Bigfoot journeyed from the forest to the state capital for Saturday’s Spirits of the Mountain opening. He revealed a strong body of new paintings and wood etchings focused around the concept of nature as sanctuary. Engravings like Revenge and Go Home contain a clear message for loggers. His Stop the Human Wars painting extends this, with its “Save the Planet” call to action.

Bigfoot's Spirits of the Mountain at Dragatomi

I’ve always felt a positive connection with Bigfoot’s work, and I tend to view the repetition of his character as enforcement of his message. I point this out here as I’m aware of the criticism toward artists with strong, central characters. (Angry Woebots’ panda comes to mind).  When I look at a piece by Bigfoot, I see freedom (spiritual and social) with the character acting as a portal to sanctity, shredding, skating and serenity. The frequency of the iconography doesn’t detract from the work, in my opinion.

Fujisan resin by Bigfoot x Dragatomi

As mentioned previously, Spirits of the Mountain was the debut for Bigfoot’s new Fujisan figures. The artist hand-painted the 20 rotocast resins, and while he kept to his (Jeremy-approved) palette of greens and browns, he gave each figure different accents. (Click through to the gallery to see all of the Fujisans.) The results are big and bold, precisely what you’d want out of a Bigfoot sculpture.


The rotocasting process reduced the weight of the initial solid sculpt shown back in August. Joanne didn’t try to slap my hand when I went to check the bottom of the Fujisan, so I can show you that each piece is individually signed by Bigfoot and designated with Dragatomi (producers) and 2011.

Bigfoot with Bigfoot Gets a Haircut Print by Ryan Roberts

There was a crazy low moon on Saturday, so you know, werewolves howled and hairy people got hairier. In the photo within a photo above, the 2004 Bigfoot vinyl by STRANGEco is getting a trim from some well-meaning mini-figure barbers. The image is called Bigfoot Gets a Haircut, and it’s available as a print by photographer, Ryan Roberts.

Dragatomi's new door by Bigfoot

From Bigfoot gets a haircut to Dragatomi gets a new door. One of the coolest parts of owning a gallery has got to be the spontaneous art installations. This is the door to Dragatomi’s back office. As you can see, there is now a security guard.

Spirit of the Mountains Bigfoot Panorama
Spirit of the Mountains Bigfoot Panorama, photo by Valleydweller

Here’s a glimpse of the entire show stitched together panorama-style by Jeremy Dale. If you’re in Northern California, go check out Spirits of the Mountain. It runs through January 7th at Dragatomi. Click through for more photos from the opening, and head over here to purchase available artwork.