Meet MAQET: 3D Printed Toys

Boxy Brautman

Meet Boxy. Boxy is a MAQET by Shin Tanaka. MAQETs are collectible characters made out of Plastin®. Plastin® is a modern, eco-friendly material similar in appearance to ceramic, but with a Plasticine feel. Boxy was born in a 3D printer and then underwent a special proprietary process in the hands of a skilled human caretaker.

Shin also customized a bunch of other 3D printed toys so Boxy would have friends. Meet Boxy Kicky, Boxy Genial, Boxy Boggle and Boxy Beast. You can Create Your Own Boxy 3D printed toys using mix-and-match elements Shin provided, or use your own imagination and the web-based painting tools.

This is just the beginning. MAQET believes that there shouldn’t be obstacles to making cool, unique and collectible stuff.  Collecting is an extension of our personalities, so why not put our own stamps on it? I’ve been playing with this technology for a few months, and I’ve been converted: I can make ANYTHING green.

If you use an RSS reader, grab MAQET’s blog feed. Or follow MAQET on Twitter. MAQET is releasing a very limited quantity of Heathrow the Hedgehog 3D printed toys by Frank Kozik this week at Comic-Con. And I’ll be walking around with sample 3D printed toys, so come over and ask me questions! See you soon!

MAQET polaroids