The Sucklord at Comic-Con

Sucklord at SDCC 2011

Sucklord was everywhere at Comic-Con, and although I’m not always sure what he’s doing, I’m usually interested to go see. Case in point: While Brent Nolasco and J*RYU were innocently sketching and signing next door at Dragatomi, masks, money and flesh were in full effect a few feet away. The unmasked young lady on the left gave me her business card and asked that I email her if these photos ended up online. Um yeah like I was going to risk walking around with that card in my pocket! So if you see her around, you know, tell her she’s on DTA-nominated

Vectar and Gargoyles

Here we have Sucklord’s alter-ego, Vectar and some Gargoyles. I’m told that with a special potion, Vectar brought to life the Gargoyles from MINDstyle’s booth

Sucklord and The Koziks

The Koziks love the Sucklord. Indeed, Morgan made the DTAs that much more bearable. Click here for more photos and infoz about actual toys (or something) from the Suckadelic Photostream.

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