Resin BudBats at Comic-Con

Ferg & Scott Wilkowski

Don’t two-time Designer Toy Award-winning Ferg and Scott Wilkowski look so happy to see me here?

Budbats by Ferg & Scott Wilkowski

They should be (happy). Their new collaborative BudBats were rad, and make a perfect companion for last year’s BudCats. Whereas the BudCats were resin throughout, the new BudBats have resin heads and use the ABS plastic bodies and limbs of production Buds. The internal skeletal structures are incredibly realistic.

Sarah Jo Marks of DKE and Budbats

DKE always gets the exclusive release of Wilkowski’s anatomical resin Buds. And Sarah Jo Marks of DKE always gets the exclusive on being bugged by me as I repeatedly roll by her booth and inquire when they’ll be available.

Budbats by Ferg & Scott Wilkowski

Apparently, I was the only Bud-buyer to purchase a solo Bud rather than a set. It’s not that I didn’t like the blue one; it’s that I figured I had limited money, and it might be good toy karma to put one back into the pool of availability. My approach differed from the couple who reportedly complained because they “only” got two instead of the three they thought they’d reserved. You win some, you lose some.

Scott Wilkowski and Dov Kelemer

Here’s Wilkowski with DKE’s Dov Kelemer. I asked them not to make us wait a whole year for more of these guys, so we’ll see. I predict BudRats for 2012!