Color Ink Book at Comic-Con

Color Ink Book

The Brothers Washburn of Color Ink Book acclaim are always so nice. Is it because they color a lot? Because they make plushes and hang out with Skinner? Are there drugs involved? I don’t know the answers to these questions, but I do have pictures of their Comic-Con booth.

Tara McPherson and Chris Ryniak

Here are Tara McPherson and Chris Ryniak showing off their new Color Ink Book covers. Incidentally, I nabbed the split-pic above from SpankyStokes, who is built to push through crowds, while my technique (ducking through peoples’ legs) is less of a success. Also: if you parse photos of Ryniak at Comic-Con, you’ll agree that he should be nominated for next year’s Designer Toy Awards in the Best Face category, sponsored in part by Jim Carrey.

Skinner's Mini Lurkers

Hell yes to more (GREEN) mini-Lurkers from Skinner. One for me, one soon to be en route to Russia. Props for the matching T-shirt (see next post). Unfortunately for those of you lurking online, the mini-Lurkers are sold out.

Travis Lampe Rayola Plush

These plush Rayolas by Travis Lampe are so damn cute. I’m just not a plush guy, really, but The Washburns made a good point in that the character is awesome and yet, perhaps not quite suited for vinyl or hard plastic. Here’s Lampe:

They make great gifts for adults and children who are persistently cheerful and need to be “taken down a notch.”  There are a couple in my studio staring at me now and I can tell you they are effective.  I feel fully 12 to 15 percent more lugubrious.  Also, they are great for mopping up small spills.

You can get both colorways of Lampe’s Rayola for $40 & $50 while supplies last here.

Color Ink Book

New Color Ink Book covers by Brandi Milne, Camilla D’errico, Chris Ryniak and Luke Chueh, all of whom were present at Comic-Con. Get ’em here for $10-$15!