Sustainable Trash by Stefan Gross

Sustainable Trash Slobby by Stefan Gross

I’ve written before about Stefan GrossDoomies and Rebirdies and Dutch People in Vegetable Houses. Recently, the Rotterdam-based conceptual artist showed his work at Harlan Levey Projects in Brussels. The new exhibit was titled (The Precarious Future of) Sustainable Trash, and appropriate to the title, it closed yesterday. Precarious indeed.

Stefan Gross' Sustainable Trash

The “Sustainable Trash” is a mix of found objects, polymer clay and oil paints. Gross takes discarded plastic children’s toys and then alternately disembowels them or covers them in a viscous spooge. The resulting works are in a word: nauseating.

Sustainable Trash T-Rex Puke by Stefan Gross

But hey, sometimes dinosaurs DO throw up.  Or as Gross puts it:

“The world is a serious place these days. This problem I address with my work.”

Truth. Nothing says “Your childhood is over, and there’s no going back” quite like an eviscerated Furby. Click through for more Sustainable Trash and a slideshow from the art opening.

Dead Flower by Stefan Gross

German Soldier by Stefan Gross

Pink Nails by Stefan Gross

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