Social Media by HuskMitNavn

A Social Media? by HuskMitNavn

I found this illustration by Danish artist HuskMitNavn on his Instagram feed (how appropriate). He’s right, you know. “Social media” makes so much sense for folks like me who aren’t super-social IRL. (Outgoing people never seem to understand this, but “introvert” and “anti-social” aren’t the same thing…) But things are getting weird.

Social media means it’s possible to interact with other human beings in a controlled environment while at the same time engaging in one’s preferred solitary Saturday night pastimes, like writing, reading, research or art. (Meanwhile, back in meatspace, the extroverts go to their parties.)

These days, social media is everywhere we go. We reach for our phones while waiting in line, when our dining companion gets up to go to the bathroom and even if we’re sitting in a cafe filled with people. We ignore the presence of actual real life human beings to the point that we walk into them while fiddling with our Facebooks.

Social media has been incredibly helpful to me personally and professionally, and I love to look at Instagram and see what my friends and heroes are creating and observing all over the world. But I think maybe I preferred things when online and real-life worlds had a bit more distinction…

Anyway, bit of a rant there. I didn’t know how to pronounce HuskMitNavn (which translates to “Remember My Name”), until I watched this video. So give it a look. And then go outside and look at the sky or something (and try to keep your phone in your pocket.)