Bento Box Album Covers

Bjork Bento by Jake Obatchi

Who makes a Bjork bento box??? Jake Obatchi, that’s who. Since Anna turned me into a ham sandwich, I’ve been fast on the scent of food art. Obatchi maintains a Japanese blog called The Jacket Lunch Box. His taste in music appears to be as open-minded as his palette: The bento art ranges from metal to pop to indie to classical. He does not discriminate.

My Bloody Valentine Bento by Jake Obatchi

Haven’t we all at one time or other said to ourselves that My Bloody Valentines’ Loveless album is so good we’d want to eat it? Jake Obatchi makes this possible!

Primal Scream Bento by Jake Obatchi

As if things couldn’t get any better, I discovered the he made a VIDEO OF HIS CAT EATING PRIMAL SCREAM’S SCREAMEDELICA. I honestly hope I can meet this man someday. He is clearly a kindred spirit. See more of his work here.