Vegan-Friendly Lego Taxidermy Kits

Lego Taxidermy Kits: Deer by David Cole

Lego is art! Taxidermy is trendy! David Cole‘s “unofficial” Lego taxidermy kits may just be the perfect popjects. After his mounted Lego deer went viral, the kits quickly sold out. Now, following an interview in last week’s New York Times, the stag is back, and it’s been joined by a fox and bear.

Lego Taxidermy Kits: Deer by David Cole

Cole is a 26-year old web and interactive designer, formerly from San Francisco and now living in Brooklyn. I thought his explanation of making the leap from virtual to actual with the Lego art was interesting:

When you’re working in a pure digital world, you get jealous of other designers making physical goods that you get to hold in your hand. I think every Web designer would agree with that. I don’t get to touch anything I make. You miss that tactile relationship.

The Lego taxidermy kits have over 60 parts, and each kit comes with hand-drawn directions to show you how to assemble them.  It takes 4-5 weeks to receive as Cole must source all the pieces. Get your vegetarian-friendly dead animal trophy heads for $28 each here.

Lego Taxidermy Deer by David Cole