Three Artist Chairs I’d Like To Sit In

Sas and Colin Christian Orbit Chair

I tend to notice things in threes. Here are three artist chairs that caught my attention. Pictured above is the “Orbit Chair” by Sas and Colin Christian. It’s a 5′ x 5′ furry dome for their upcoming show at Opera Gallery in New York on March 10th. Here, you can see Sas enjoying the Orbit. Looks wonderful.

Camilla D'Errico Loveless Bird Chair

Next up, Camilla D’Errico has partnered with Seattle-based Rubbish Rehab to make one-of-a-kind, antique chairs re-upholstered with fabric bearing her artwork. I like this quote from Rubbish Rehab: “Who knew you could get a two for one on art and home decor combined into one amazing throne?!” The first chair features Camilla’s Loveless Birds, is limited to 10 pieces and is available here now.

Caramelaw Chair from This is a Limited Edition

This last one is a sneak peek I got from Darren of This is a Limited Edition. The chair features the candy-coated designs of toy collector and customizer, Caramelaw. This is a Limited Edition makes some really impeccable artist-designed housewares. I look forward to what they’re doing with home furnishings.