Ron English Montana Cans

Limited Edition Ron English Montana Cans

Ron English‘s Cathy Cowgirl was a painting, and then a vinyl toy by STRANGEco and now, she’s gracing the label of a new, limited edition can of Montana spray paint. The Ron English Montana Can comes in a wooden collectors’ crate, but I’m not sure how or where you get it considering our U.S. laws about shipping aerosols. Let me know if you find a source.

Limited Edition Ron English Montana Cans

English is such a rad guy. Check out this little clip of “popaganda” where he talks about painting for “about 15 hours a day like a crazy person and burning through $100 of brushes a week.” I was also impressed to find out that he’d read through the Bible (ten times no less) in order to hold his own in debates with bullying Christians who were shutting down his art shows. Ron English’s Art Army figure by Mike Leavitt makes an appearance at :34, and some of my favorite figures of all time, the Telegrinnies, make a cameo. Says Ron: “If you take a grin slightly too far, it just gets weird really quickly.” So true…

Bonus: Tools of the Trade has signed Cathy Cowgirl vinyls still available here.

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