Suicidal Celebrity Bath Towels

Suicidal Celebrity Bath Towels by Mike Leavitt

The concept of Mike Leavitt‘s latest art product is simple:

If you’re hanging on by a thread, you have a friend.
Now you can absorb your crying face in the fibers of a suicidal celebrity.

Next time you’re feeling kind of down, and someone tells you to quit being such a “wet blanket,” you can take solace in a wet towel in the likeness of Sigmund Freud, Van Gogh, Kurt Cobain or Virginia Woolf. Each ‘Dry Your Eyes’ bath towel is oversized at 54 x 30 in. (140 x 75 cm) and features a hand quilted/stitched portrait. The durable, washable towels include a cedar wood frame to pin and stretch for wall display. However, solace isn’t cheap: Suicidal Celebrity Bath Towels run $1000 a piece.