New Knuckles and Monkey Onesie from Blamo

Knuckles and Monkey Onesie from Blamo

Speaking of Blamo, when it comes to doing their own thing, the San Francisco-based company has a very unique vision. It’s kind of like high-end luxury materials meets curio cabinet meets playful escapism. Their newest character is a “famous street fighter” called Knuckles:

Legend has it that during a friendly street brawl in the Greatest Storm of the Century, there was a white out, and he landed himself a gold tooth. Winter is his favorite season and he enjoys building snowmen and sippin’ on hot totties.

He stands at 7.5 inches tall with resin face and hands and brass inlay, leather body and rice filling. Like all Blamo “toys,” Knuckles comes in a hand-printed box. Two Knuckles are available here.

Blamo also recently released a brand new monkey onesie. As you may be aware, I am a personal fan (also an owner) of Blamo’s bunny onesies. The monkey onesie marks their first striped onesie. Unfortunately, I’m not built like Cortlan Robertson, and short guys don’t really benefit from horizontal stripes. But this ROCKS. You need to physically try one on and experience the onesie to understand it, but I can practically promise that should you take the leap of faith, you will not be disappointed. Check Blamo’s current stock of onesies here.