Cast of Vices Hospital Bracelets for Hypochondriac Fashionistas

Cast of Vices: Coming or Going bracelets

Cast of Vices has a new line of jaded jewelry, this time inspired by the humble hospital ID bracelet. You might recall last year’s Pendants for Pill Poppers:

Born from a desire to create artifacts out of our vices, Cast of Vices celebrates the inherent design aesthetic of these substances while casting a critical eye on pop culture and our obsession with self-medication and addiction.

Although the Coming and Going bracelets are not as in-your-face as Vicodin on a chain, most people who have checked into (or out of) a hospital will recognize the aesthetic.

Cast of Vices: Coming or Going bracelets

Artist Tim Biskup is a fan, shown below wearing three of the bracelets. They’re available in neon lambskin leather ($65) and gold and silver ($85) here.

Tim Biskup in Cast of Vices Coming or Going Bracelets