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Designwright designer desktop accessories

Besides a baby named Dada, this is HIGH up on my want list right now. From Designboom:

Invited to develop a single or range of products to celebrate the design manufacturer Lexon‘s 20th anniversary, London-based¬†designwright (Adrian and Jeremy Wright) developed ‘Buro’ a series of desk tools.

The set of seven designer desktop accessories includes a tape dispenser, calculator, hub, stapler, hole punch, calendar and magnifying glass. You can line them up, stack them or just gaze longingly at their loveliness. (Bonus points for the utilitarian concept of stamping each item with its title). Although the design is most likely meant to reduce clutter, in a way it actually adds stuff back onto your desktop. Some of these items probably reside tucked away in a drawer, or maybe your “paperless office” has rendered devices like staplers and tape dispensers obsolete. But sometimes, beautiful design is not rendered in 0s and 1s…

See? You can make cool objects beyond just toys with rubberized ABS plastic. Besides gorgeous green, Buro is available in grey or purple finishes (but who cares). You can view the whole collection at Lexon’s website here. Unfortunately, they’re not set up for online ordering, so you’ll have to track them down elsewhere. Let me know where you find them.

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