Sergey Safonov and Mark Nagata Studio Visit

Sergey Safonov and Mark Nagata studio visitMy favorite Moscow-based toy designer, Sergey Safonov is in town, which means two words: toy tour. I sure do like having a guest pass to visit Mark Nagata at Max Toy Co HQ every now and then. That was then. This is now.

Sergey Safonov and Pico PicoHere’s Sergey with Beckos from Pico Pico. This photo is crazytown.

I’m afraid I’m starting to think in tweets. Bwahaha, I’ve got @maxtoyco in the palm of my hand!

Sergey Safonov signs Ultraman in Mark Nagata's studioSergey drew his character Kluth on Mark’s lifesize visitor-inscribed Ultraman.

Phoneticontrol was chilling the whole time. You should keep an eye on him.

Oh check this out. Mark’s studio could be considered heavenly sensory overload. Whenever I visit, I swear I notice something new. Mark usually claims it was there last time. But aha! I now have proof. See how this cubicle evolved over four months? Who’s crazy now, Mr. Nagata? Still me? OK, just checking.

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