Rise Japan at Kokoro Studio and Gallery Heist

Rise Japan at Kokoro StudioJust like the painting above declares, the scene at the Tenderloin’s two opposite streetside galleries, Kokoro Studio and Gallery Heist for the Rise Japan benefit was FRESH. With my messenger bag stuffed with books from Wondercon (like this one and that one), I hauled ass up the hill (with these guys) to get there when the doors opened.

Rise Japan at Gallery HeistThe two galleries had SO MUCH ART. Although there seems to have been a misunderstanding about the “everything is $100” idea, everything was around $100 with many original items and prints available for less. Affordable + charitable art equaled a formula that had me playing real life Frogger from one side of Geary to the other.

Koji Nagao and Akane Ogura for Rise JapanI love this mixed media work so much; I can’t believe I have it in my house now! The piece is a collaboration between two Japanese artists, Koji Nagao and Akane Ogura. Both artists were new to me, so I’m super grateful to Keiko at Kokoro for turning me onto them. According to Koji’s blog: “Akane Ogura is a painter and also clothing maker. I made the two puppet and she made the painting and the costumes.” Toy art collectors should definitely check out Koji’s figures.

Friends With You for Rise JapanFriends With You donated a set of Uprising prints (limited editions of 50) to Rise Japan. Take one guess which one I snagged.

Not only was I digging what Ray was spinning (“Oh Bondage, Up Yours!”), but the DJ wore a LOVE MOVEMENT T-shirt. How fantastic is that? This just in: Ray tweeted that Rise Japan raised $14,549.81!

Jeremy Fish at Gallery HeistLocal art dude Jeremy Fish came through just before Gallery Heist really got insane.

Here’s one snap of the aforementioned insane crowd posse.

I have, in the past, not really liked “cash and carry” shows due to the swiftness with which artwork exits the gallery not to be seen again. But I must admit, even I got swept up in the excitement of taking my pieces off the gallery wall and being able to put them on my own walls within twenty-four hours. Here’s Sean-Franc (whose name sounds French) carrying his Superdeux (who really is French) framed print. Score!

What a killer show this was. Big ups to Keiko, Julianne and everyone else involved with Rise Japan. The benefit will continue this coming Thursday, April 7th at Arc Studios and Gallery on Folsom.

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