A Quick Studio Visit with Abe Lincoln Jr.

Abe Lincoln Jr.Whether (or weather) in spite of (or due to) the wonderful white out conditions, I had a blast walking all over Brooklyn last week. One highlight was crossing over the Gowanus Canal into Carroll Gardens to pay a visit to Abe Lincoln Jr.

Partial Toy Collection of Abe Lincoln Jr.Although Abe casually referred to himself as “a hoarder,” his collection on display was pretty kept in check. (Apparently, the basement storage space is a different situation…) Abe is a big fan of unpainted vinyl, which he feels showcases the sculpt, for better or worse; the latter, in the case of the malformed green guy at center above.

Globulon Hawaii Colorway by Abe Lincoln Jr.Here’s Abe’s toy, Globulon, a hybridization of Hedorah and Gossamer and Abe’s own retro-styled characters. Globulon was created and painted by Abe, sculpted by Tony Titanium and cast in resin by Mark Mascot. Hawaiian Pizza Globulon is limited to 5 pieces and available here.

Globulon by Abe Lincoln Jr.This is the O.G. Alpha Globulon. He’s available for $50 here.

Globulon Swamp Colorway by Abe Lincoln Jr.You are the first to see the upcoming Swamp Globulon. You can’t get this Green Glob yet.

Abe had some of his own pieces mixed in with his kids’ work on the apartment walls. I dug this decoupage with GID paint.

When you’re a city dweller and you live in close quarters, you have to get creative with your space. Here Abe has cleverly urban camouflaged this IKEA shoe cabinet.

Abe’s got a bunch of cool stuff in the works. For instance, start remembering the name, “Asspanther”.

You can keep up with Abe through his blog and pinterest page, or just follow the dude on twitter. Thanks for having me over, Mr. Lincoln Jr.!

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