Bunniguru as a Bridge to Porcelain Art Toys

There are a couple of upscale contenders vying for the “____ is the new vinyl” tagline in the toy art world. Fiberglass and bronze have been gaining fans (amongst those who can afford them), and now, porcelain is poised to make its mark. Porcelain is not necessarily a new material to be tried by toy artists. Jamie Hayon’s did this Fantasy Collection for Lladro, and Frank Kozik is rumored to be working on a porcelain project. Despite this, the distinctly un-toy medium has yet to truly “cross over”. A certain bunny guru may change that…

Nathan Jurevicius tweeted some photos of a 7-inch porcelain Bunniguru he’s been working on with France’s K.Olin Tribu, whose website, appropriately enough, is: http://www.artandtoys.com. Nathan’s Scarygirl characters released in the early 2000s through Flying Cat and STRANGEco were some of the first and favorite art toys for many stateside collectors. With the scene in a state of change currently, it will be interesting to see if Bunniguru is a bridge to further acceptance of toys in the art world (and, conversely, higher-priced art objects in the toy scene).

No price is available yet, but comparatively, K. Olin Tribu has produced a porcelain piece for Steph Cop at under 5 inches for just below $200 USD.

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