The Maker Puppet by Amanda Louise Spayd

The Maker puppet by Amanda Louise SpaydAmanda Louise Spayd clued me in to an upcoming stop motion film called The Maker. The short is by Christopher Kezelos with puppets designed by Spayd. Per the film’s Facebook page:

Did you know The Maker is an International collaboration? The sets, props and animation are from Australia, FX & compositing from the UK and the puppets were created by the very talented Amanda Louise Spayd from the US.

It brings me joy to know that in this world of 3D and CGI, teams of people are still coming together to do stop motion film. All of the little details make me giddy. Look at the picture below, and remind yourself that this is like diorama scale. The maker of The Maker writes:

The contents are labelled on the drawers… but you won’t be able to read them cause they’re written in a special language we made up for the film. Booyah!

Fellow Circus Posterus alum, Doktor A weighs in with: “Flabbergastingly wonderful stuff!” I agree, and I’m reminded of Jan Svankmajer and Brothers Quay. Looking forward to seeing the film!

The Maker

Click through to see the true scale of this.

The Maker

Tiny books!!!

The Maker