The Sweet and Sinful Sculptures of Josh Atlas

Pool Girl by Josh Atlas

Los Angeles-based artist Josh Atlas makes work about indulgence, greed and shame. His drawings and sculptures attempt to justify those moments of “pure enjoyment” that are all-too-often paired with guilt.

That moment, where logic is tossed aside for the sake of gratification, is the crux of my practice. I want humour and laughter, the kind that comes from the delight of knowing that you’ve had too much but you’re going to get away with it.

Atlas’ sculptures contain fake donuts, icing, and sprinkles: “I want the sculptures to be wanton and playful, with bodies that are strangely familiar.”

Pool Girls Drawings by Josh Atlas

His drawings are directly related to the sculptures.

[They act] as more perfect versions of my objects. By making the forms intangible, they ultimately exist in the mind of the viewer; they become pure ideas, rather than experiences, of delight.

Pool Girls above; Bucket Babes below. Nice.

Bucket Babes by Josh Atlas