The Lighter Side of Life with Jeremiah Ketner

Paintings by Jeremiah Ketner

Gallery1988SF is going away. Even worse, they’re going to LA! We’ll miss them. Luckily, they haven’t gone all LA on us yet, so in lieu of blondes, the gallery’s penultimate show featured highly on brunettes (via Jeremiah Ketner), black sheep (courtesy of Ewelina Ferruso) and hope (facilitated by Yosuke Ueno).

Jeremiah Ketner and the PaparraziKetner made the trip out from Chicago, and when he wasn’t being swarmed by local¬†paparazzi, I had a chance to chat him up about his work. Please see my Flickr set for photos of Ueno’s paintings (which would make awesome toy art if anybody with such abilities is reading) and Ferruso’s shadowboxes (which contained richly detailed and highly symbolic 5×7 oil paintings).

Always Next to You by Jeremiah Ketner

Ketner’s art evokes a feeling of nurturing when you’re standing in front of and amongst it.

“There is too much doom and gloom in our world. I’m more interested in the lighter and care free side of life.”

Happy Together by Jeremiah Ketner

Little sprites and nymphs make frequent appearances in Ketner’s paintings. His own children are an inspiration.

“They have such a unique take on life and have opened my eyes on many levels to just how lackadaisical things really are. Sure, we’re stressed by work, money and constant bad news from the media. It’s nice to take a break from it all and go for a peaceful stroll through the woods.”

Small Offerings by Jeremiah Ketner

Ketner’s color palette is going through a purple and blue phase, which he says may be “affected by the seasons”. Cool colors and warm feelings? Jeremiah makes it work.

“I¬†like the challenge of weaving opposite colors throughout a composition…The characters, figures and the landscapes send the viewer into a mystical place free of stress.”

See you all again at G1988SF’s last show, Sailing Through Shadows, opening December 4th!

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