Fruit and Vegetables as Book Art by Vanessa Dualib

Little Prince Carrot book art photo by Vanessa Dualib

I couldn’t resist one more. Vanessa Dualib [previously] combines fruit, vegetables, photography and puns into a great series of photos called “ρLªYinG ωiTh mŸ fOoD,” and she’s also staged a few awesome book art cover reproductions. Up top is Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s 1943 classic, The Little Prince now known as The Little Carrot. It’s available as prints, posters and cards here.

Where the Wild Things Are Fruit book art photo by Vanessa Dualib

Next we have Where the Wild Things Are. In a brief WeLoveYouSo interview from 2009, Dualib explains:

I was pretty young when I first read [Maurice] Sendak’s book, and it was totally different from anything else I had ever seen or read. The illustrations blew my mind, and there was also this other ‘thing’ about this book, something that only later on my life I could define better. And that was actually that for me the essence of WTWTA lies in the genuine ability of the book to portray the feelings and fears of a child…

And so she made Max the king of all wild fruits. Awww…