Coffee: Art or Beverage?

I have never before embedded a Funny or Die video, but this is just genius:

The drink you just asked for doesn’t exist. Am I wearing a green apron? Do you hear Ray Lamontagne playing right now? Are there a bunch of pre-made sandwiches and hardboiled eggs in that case? Are there a bunch of homeless people waiting in line to use the bathroom?

I think my favorite part is when the baristas just say no. This is especially funny because it parodies both sides of the coffee drinking scene. Personally, I love a little coffee art and caffeine drama. But Starbucks does have its place…like when I’m on a roadtrip and need a bathroom close to a freeway off ramp. Here’s a fun related blog for your Friday distractions: This lovely green tea foam swan comes from Urth CaffĂ© in Santa Monica, CA.