Stress Producer by Justin Lieberman

Justin Lieberman's Stress ProducerThe following sentence may cause eyebrows to raise or my credibility to be called into question, but I’m going there nonetheless: I think this is excellent. You are looking at a 2009 popject by Justin Lieberman entitled Stress Producer. The project-based studio, Iconoclast Editions, is offering the remaining pieces (from an edition of 100)  for sale at $100 each. They describe the piece like this: “Stress relieving earth ball with custom printing and hand painted paper clip”. Truer words were never written! If you were leaving feedback on eBay, you’d have to give the seller 5 stars for “item exactly as described”.

My draw to a readymades like this is how simple and clear the artist’s statement is understood by using familiar objects. It is, in fact, a Stress Producer. Think of how you’ll feel when your co-worker “borrows” the binder clip or puts his sweaty paw on your “art object”. I’m stressed out just thinking about it. Somewhere in the back of my mind is the notion: “Damn, I wish I’d thought of that first.”