LEGO Bricks of Medical Marijuana = Toy Art by the Ounce

LEGOlize medical marijuana

Q: When does an art show get coverage on Laughing Squid, High Times AND Geekosystem?

A: When the art show is “INDISPENSABLE: Art by the Ounce,” a conceptual cannabis co-op comprised of LEGO bricks opening May 26th at LA’s Known Gallery.

Is anyone going?! We need two bags please!

INDISPENSABLE: Art by the ounce

LAgo brand issued the following statement:

In the wake of increasing raids on Medical Marijuana dispensaries by local, state and federal drug enforcement agencies, the LAgo brand’s brand-new, flagship storefront is set to open on May 26, 2012 at Known Gallery located at 441 North Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles. The LAgo brand, as a perpetual “harvest” of healing power, has been especially commodified to meet the addictions of anyone who has ever wanted to experience the transaction of purchasing medical marijuana – or fine art – at a legal business organization.

For any collector who has ever compared his/her toy habit to a drug habit, here it is, literally.

INDISPENSABLE: Art by the ounce

LA’s Known Gallery will have LEGO brick versions of marijuana starter-plants, seedlings, clones, and “a totally huge selection of intoxicating, fake plastic buds all built with LEGO bricks to resemble some of the finest strains of medicinal marijuana ever grown” on display and for sale. The dispensary opens on Saturday night from 8-11 and runs through June 9th (or until the LEGO DEA shuts it down).

INDISPENSABLE: Art by the ounce

INDISPENSABLE: Art by the Ounce brings attention to a political issue in a playful way. And just like these Mutant Weeds in Madrid, it’s very, very green. I think I smell a collaboration with Ian Ziobrowski in the future… Awesome. LEGO-lize it!

INDISPENSABLE: Art by the ounce

Shout out to my homegirl Kayla who makes crazy cool stuff out of LEGO bricks and sold out three of her original creations during EARTH MOVEMENT‘s opening weekend! But maybe I’ll ask your parents before sharing this particular article with you…