Medicom Releases Owls by Klaus Haapaniemi

Klaus Haapaniemi ceramic owls

Klaus Haapaniemi is a Finnish designer influenced by nature, folklore, fantasy and “traditional decorative arts with a modern twist”. Together with fellow Finn, Mia Wallenius, he makes textiles, furniture and limited edition design pieces.

Klaus Haapaniemi ceramic owls

Speaking of those limited edition design pieces, Japan’s Medicom Toy Co recently announced their production of a “special gift to the people of Japan from Klaus Haapaniemi”. The ‘gift’ is a high end design object, and it’s really quite lovely.

Klaus Haapaniemi prints

Medicom is releasing Haapaniemi’s Owl as a 5.7-inch ceramic figure in gold and white limited editions. They’re available online now (but only shipped to Japanese addresses) for 13,449 Yen or ~ $167 USD here.

Haapaniemi for Christian Louboutin
Klaus Haapaniemi for Christian Louboutin

Click through for a look at Haapaniemi’s glass characters and ceramic cats.

glass objects based on Finnish character "Korento"
glass objects based on Finnish character “Korento”
Putte the Cat ceramic jars
Putte the Cat ceramic jars