A Resin Duck in Las Vegas [VIDEO]

Here’s a short video set in Las Vegas that stars Smit, a delinquent resin duck cast out by Shea Brittain of FrankenFactory. Add Nick Cave’s “Red Right Hand” for musical accompaniment, and you’ve got yourself something highly entertaining (or entertaining when you’re high, totally your choice).

Smit resin duck by FrankenFactory

If you’re wondering why Smit is wearing a Chinese takeout container, the answer is here. The Escape From San Francisco edition of Smit (6.5 inches tall, resin) is available for $35 here.

Smit by FrankenFactory

Click through for a flashback to 1986 because someone took the time to compile the Top 10 Most Disturbing Moments from Howard The Duck, which I saw, with my parents, in the theater. Still really disturbing.