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Worry Plush by Taylored Curiosities

Question: What do you get when you combine psychology, aromatherapy and plush toys?
Answer: Taylored Curiosities aromatherapy plush and designer toys

Penny Taylor of Plymouth, England studied Psychology and Alternative Therapy, with a special focus on Aromatherapy. After using these modalities to help people overcome periods of depression, she became obsessed with making “a plush toy that could make a difference”. The result of this quest would eventually be the Feelings, a series of hand-made, palm-size plush toys infused with natural scents.

Worry Plush by Taylored Curiosities

Of course, I was drawn to the Feeling above.

Do you think over and over things or worry about things you have to do? Well this little creature does! Worrying like there’s no tommorow. Luckily for you, if you keep it around it will do all your worrying for you.

Go on…

Accidentally made to fit perfectly into your hand, you can take this calming creature anywhere you go. No need to worry anymore.

Does that come with a certificate? Why yes, it does.

Worry Plush by Taylored Curiosities

Worry is made from the soft grey fleece and an intentionally wonky pair of eyes. Its belly contains a filling of dried lavender, which is supposed to make people feel calmer.  Each Feeling comes signed and dated with an adoption certificate. Worry is just over 3 inches tall and costs just under $10. And yes…there are BABY WORRIES! Awwww…
Worry Plush by Taylored Curiosities

Get in touch with your Feelings here. Incidentally, I became aware of Taylored Curiosities when I noticed a new follower on Twitter. If you follow me, and your avatar is a picture of a toy, and you provide a brief bio and website, I will look at what you make or sell. Follow me here.

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