LOVE MOVEMENT is in effect! We’ve been here at SUPERFROG Gallery installing since this morning, and here’s a few bits of evidence. Above is our crew from Japan, left to right: KAZU, Hideki Shiroma (460), Shin Tanaka, Nao, Satoshi Yoshioka, Chota Akatsuki and Nanaco.

Here you see some of the T-BOY and Dankeschoen bear LOVE MOVEMENT exclusive colorways…

A photo doesn’t really do these paper toys justice. Come here and see them. Look for the figure wearing BAGGY (paper) JEANS. Amazing.

Another fun element is that artists are stopping by to drop off their pieces. Here’s Frank Kozik. Don’t forget: More than 20 artists (including Frank) will be here tomorrow night for the opening of LOVE MOVEMENT. Don’t forget to RSVP!