Magic Cards With Googly Eyes Tumblr

Magic Cards With Googly Eyes Tumblr

This has been making me laugh and laugh. I want to say it’s the “good” kind of irony because it comes from within the genre it’s parodying.The Magic Cards With Googly Eyes Tumblr is exactly what it sounds like it would be. The site’s creator, Amanda, explains it like this:

Because one day, a girl named Mercedes brought some googly eyes to our Lady Planeswalker Society meeting.

Girls geeking out with googly eyes? Yes please. You don’t have to even understand the language of Magic the Gathering (I certainly don’t) to think this is hysterical:

“The Cloud Nacatyl sit and think, a bunch of soft paws. We are the Claws of Marisi, stalking, pouncing, drawing blood.”

I can only aspire to write that well, you bunch of soft paws! Here’s an interesting, related story about women in the Magic community. How long til someone starts a Googly-eyed Gosling Tumbr?

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